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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

GLCE-Common Core Crosswalks RELEASED

Just released!!

Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics (MCTM) has posted the DRAFT crosswalks that compare the Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations to the Common Core State Standards for Math. Schools and districts should use these tools as you begin conversations in your district around transitioning to the Common Core State Standards.

There are two forms for every grade K-8. Both forms indicate which content "remains the same" and which content is "moving in" and "moving out" of a grade. However, the longer form shows where that content is from or is going.

Posting these draft documents is a service provided by MCTM. Please support YOUR professional organization by becoming a member today!

Stay tuned for the high school crosswalks.

K-5 Monthly Math Workgroup: Using math centers to increase student learning in math

If you missed out last month, don't fret. It's back (and you have the tornado watch to thank for it).

Are you a K-5 math teacher who wants to know more about effectively integrating math centers into your math lessons?
Do you wonder how you can use math centers to ensure all of your students are learning?
If so, come to this month’s Math Workgroup at Kalamazoo RESA.

Kalamazoo RESA November 30, 2010 4:30-6:30pm

We will spend time exploring various centers and discussing ways to use them to enhance the
mathematics learning in your classroom. You will leave with math centers resources that will
help you to plan lessons that integrate centers into your math instruction.
We will…
• Participate in math centers that use manipulatives
• Align the use of math centers to the Mathematical Practice Standards
• Explore various activities to use in math centers
• Explore what the research says about incorporating centers into math instruction
• Summarize and reflect

Light refreshments will be provided free of charge but feel free to bring your own snack as well.

HURRY! Spots are filling quickly!
In order for us to get an accurate count for materials and refreshments, complete the short form
by the Friday November 26, 2010.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Algebra 4 All: Making it possible with Algebra Tiles

How can we teach for understanding to help meet the goal of successful algebra learning for all students? One way to teach for understanding is to use concrete models to introduce algebraic concepts. One type of concrete model that has had tremendous success in teaching Algebra for understanding is the algebra tile. Algebra tiles can be used to add, subtract, and multiply integers, model and simplify algebraic expressions, model and apply the distributive property, solve linear equations, multiply polynomials, factor both integers and quadratics, and complete the square.

This two-day workshop series will focus on teachers gaining experience and understanding in using algebra tiles to model, manipulate, and solve algebraic expressions. Teachers will also have time to incorporate the use of algebra tiles into their lesson, unit, and assessment plans. This exploration and development will be focused through a careful study and analysis of the HSCE, GLCE, and Common Core State Standards that call for and are supported by the use of concrete models like algebra tiles. This series supports a functions-based approach to Algebra.

Note: To register for this series, you must have completed the pre-requisite workshop: Using Tiles to Understand Mathematical Operations.

Register now for Algebra 4 All