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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Closing the gap: it's being done. How?

 How It's Being Done: Urgent Lessons from Unexpected Schools is a must-read for everyone committed to the goal of education equity. It provides valuable insight into the impressive achievements of eight high-minority and high-poverty schools from various settings across the country—schools that defy the ill-conceived notion that achievement gaps are inevitable.
The author doesn’t simply identify campuses with strong results for low-income students and students of color. She shares concrete details about how educators helped their students reach exceptional levels of academic success. Among them is Norfork Elementary School in Arkansas, which is located in a community known as the methamphetamine capital of the Ozarks. The results of the intentional strategies adopted by the school’s administrators and teachers speak for themselves: Despite high rates of poverty—both in the school and throughout the community—88 percent of Norfork’s sixth-grade students read at a “proficient” or “advanced” level.
The stories are inspiring, but How It’s Being Done does far more than inspire. This book outlines the road map each school followed to reach extraordinary heights. After all, success is no fluke. These schools earned positive results by using practical and concrete strategies to help students learn at the highest levels.
~Katie Haycock; President, The Education Trust

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