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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Teaching Algebra: opportunity and resources

Michigan's Algebra for All Project seeks to help teachers transition to teaching algebra from a functions-based approach to help ensure that ALL students are successful in Algebra.
This year, the project is offering a combination teacher-training and resource-sharing initiative: Algebra for All Online.
What is Algebra for All Online?
An online professional development course preparing middle and high school mathematics teachers for teaching Algebra 1 using the function-based approach.
An opportunity to learn today and use tomorrow.


Fall 2010: Oct. 4 - Dec. 5
Spring 2011: Feb. 14 - April 17

  • Entirely online – learn on your own time
  • Eight one-week modules corresponding to the 8 days of the original Algebra for All training
  • Activities and strategies for implementing the functions-based approach in Algebra classrooms
  • Interactive graphing calculator tutorials
  • Original online interactive tools and lessons for use with students
  • Video from live Algebra for All training sessions
  • Taught by a trained Algebra for All facilitator
  • Opportunities for discussion, collaboration and feedback with peers and the instructor
  • Access to the Algebra for All Social Network including interaction with 800+ Michigan math teachers, lesson plan repository, and additional resources for students
  • Over 25 practical lessons and activities for immediate implementation with students
Registration Information
Cost: $200 per teacher with 50 available scholarships for free registration
Credit: SB-CEU credit granted through Michigan LearnPort®. Graduate credit may be available.
To Enroll/Apply for a Scholarship
Send the following information via email to Dr. Peggy Gaskill, before Friday, Sept. 17, 2010: Name, school, city, email address you will use for the course, telephone number (for the facilitator’s use only).

An Enrollment Form / Scholarship Application will be emailed to you.

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