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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Spiral-bound Common Core Math Booklets NOW Available

Schools and districts are now able to order the complete set of Common Core State Standards for Math (CCSS-M) from REMC12 printing. And, better yet, the order can be placed online! The booklet contains the full set of content and practice standards for mathematics for grades K-12 AND Appendix A which outlines model course pathways for high school mathematics.

The price of each booklet drops significantly with each additional booklet ordered:
1 booklet $39.94/booklet
5 booklets 17.27/booklet
10 booklets 14.43/booklet
25 booklets 12.41/booklet

To order, go to REMC12 printing and log in or create an account. Then, from the product listing, select Common Core State Standards for Math and place your order.

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