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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Attention all high school math teachers!!!!!!

Looking for a structured way to plan for and implement the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics in High School?
  • Want to embed the formative assessment process in your daily instructional practice?
  • Want to motivate and involve more of your students in their learning process?
Register to attend the six-day series
Formative Assessment Process for High School Mathematics

This six-day series is based on Stiggins’ Five Keys to Quality Formative Assessment.
Participants will apply what they learn between the 2-day sessions and bring products and processes to share and improve. Focus areas/topics are:
June 1-2, 2011: Formative Assessment Process defined, the 5 Keys, CCSS-M and Learning Targets, Sharing Learning Targets with Students
November 10-11, 2011: Assessment Maps, Matching Learning Targets with Assessment Methods, Assessment Resources, Student Engagement I
February 2-3, 2012: Analysis Strategies, Assessment Evaluation and Refinement Strategies, Student Engagement II, Sustainability Strategies and Resources

Outcomes for participants are
  • Understand that formative assessment is a process not a product
  • Understand the components of a quality formative assessment system
  • Use the CCSS-M to refine/develop learning targets
  • Use Stiggins’ 5 Keys to build assessment maps for instructional units
  • Develop/choose formative assessment strategies that provide quality feedback for the teacher and student
  • Create/identify standards-based common summative (final) and formative assessments (interim, benchmark) for a unit of study
  • Develop analysis, communication, and student engagement strategies
  • Establish collaborative practices for sharing assessment processes, products, and results
  • Develop plans for sustainability and growth

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