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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

NEW RESOURCE: Common Core Math (and ELA)

Do you have summer curriculum work scheduled for Math or ELA?

Dreading the hours it will take to unpack the new standards into student-friendly "I can..." learning targets?

Help is here!

Align, Assess, Achieve has created The Common Core: Clarifying Expectations for Teachers and Students, a series of clarifying and reference guides which are especially helpful to teachers, administrators, and anyone involved with curriculum.

Each book

  • Includes all Mathematics CCSS standards for the grade level/subject in one convenient 8½ x 5½ inches flip book

  • Clarifies learning expectations for both teachers and students with suggested

    • Enduring Understandings

    • Essential Questions

    • Learning Targets

    • Vocabulary

    • Connections to the mathematical practice standards

  • Fosters quality formative and summative assessment, descriptive feedback, and student involvement.

The Common Core: Clarifying Expectations for Teachers & Students is a cost effective solution. Schools can save the time and money they would have spent unpacking and printing the Common Core State Standards.


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