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Monday, February 27, 2012

What do your students know?

Marilyn Burns (Math Solutions) has been working for the past two years with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop the Math Reasoning Inventory (MRI). MRI is a online formative assessment tool.

It's now available, free of charge, to all teachers.

The goal of MRI is to help teachers find out what their students really understand about mathematics. MRI assesses students' numerical proficiency and asks questions that the Common Core expects all middle school students to answer successfully. A face-to-face interview is the core of MRI. And reasoning is the heart of MRI -- students solve most problems in their heads and always are asked to explain their strategies.

Information about the tool and how to sign up for a free account can be found on the MRI website. The website provides information about preparing to give MRI interviews and includes more than 80 video clips of actual interviews, samples of MRI reports, and the reasoning strategies students need to be numerically proficient.

For an introduction and overview of MRI, read the article Marilyn Burns posted about MRI in the Math Solutions Online Newsletter.

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