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Monday, January 21, 2013

Have your students join an online math league

Do you like to measure, estimate, and play around with technology? Then join the FermiOff-the-Wall Math League!
This Internet-based math competition welcomes students in grades 1-9 from around the world who seek enrichment, small group work, and creative, technology-rich experiences.
A Fermi question is posed with limited information given. For example,
  • How many water balloons would it take to fill grandma's bathtub?
  • How many cockroaches will fill the trunk of a VW Beetle?
  • How much fabric would it take to make a camo-suit for Moby Dick?
  • How many eggs would fit in the Trojan Horse's body?
Fermi questions require that students ask many more questions; emphasize process rather than "the" answer; demand communication and writing; and utilize estimation, rounding numbers and guesses.
Registration opened last week for the six-week Winter '13 season, which starts Tuesday, January 29th. 

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