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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

K-2 Math PD for 2013-14

Effective Instruction for Addition and Subtraction in the Early Grades (K-2)

The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics calls for the instructional time in Kindergarten through Grade 2 mathematics to be focused on four critical areas. Two of which are dedicated to students developing understanding of representing and comparing whole numbers, developing understanding of (and fluency with) addition and subtraction, developing strategies for addition and subtraction other than the standard algorithm, and developing understanding of whole number relationships and place value. 

In this three-day series Kindergarten through 2nd grade teachers will develop a common understanding of what students are expected to learn about early addition and subtraction and how they are supposed to learn it. Teachers will leave the series with detailed knowledge of their grade-level content standards for addition and subtraction, lessons that are in support of students developing a deep understanding of addition and subtraction, diagnostics for assessing students’ level of addition and subtraction understanding, and a plan for teaching addition and subtraction with the appropriate focus, coherence, and rigor as is called for in the Common Core.

Principals: attend with your teachers to watch, learn, plan, and support the implementation of the Common Core with fidelity.

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