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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Spring 2015 M-STEP ELA and Mathematics Summaries

Over the past six months, numerous articles have been included in different issues of the Spotlight regarding the spring 2015 M-STEP ELA and mathematics tests. Now, the Office of Standards and Assessment (OSA) has compiled that information into two content-specific summary documents—the M-STEP ELA Summary and the M-STEP Mathematics Summary—to help district and building coordinators, as well as teachers and assessment administrators, easily locate essential information.

The summaries include

  1. descriptions of Classroom Activities and Performance Tasks,
  2. information on the M-STEP Spring 2015 Preview and Sample Item Sets,
  3. where to go to practice using the online delivery engine’s navigation tools and features, and
  4. grade-specific information, such as which calculators may be used and where to go to learn about gridded responses. 
The summaries also cover important administration information, such as the grades assessed, the content measured, online and paper/ pencil test component administration order, testing times, and testing windows.

The OSA believes these two new resources—which can be found under What Do I Need to Know—will give teachers, assessment administrators, and coordinators the content-specific information they need regarding how the spring 2015 ELA and mathematics tests are designed, as well as how and when they should be administered.

M-Step What do I need to know

M-STEP Mathematics Summary 2-24-15: A compilation of Spotlight articles specifically
related to the M-STEP Mathematics Assessment
M-STEP ELA Summary 2-24-15: A compilation of Spotlight articles specifically related
to the M-STEP English Language Arts Assessment

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