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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Geometry and...Toilets?

Dan Meyer is a high school algebra and geometry teacher who believes teachers need to DO LESS... for their students. He has a knack for viewing the world through mathematical lenses. And, he shows his students how to do the same. Dan's students learn geometry and algebra in context. They explore and create mathematics on a daily basis.
Dan's most recent dy/dan blog post and mathematical exploration was inspired by his new Toto toilet with dual-button flush feature.
Curious? Check out what he did with this button in I’m In Love With This Toilet Basically.
After you've explored the problem, I have two further suggestions (for high school math teachers and the math-intrigued)
1. Subscribe to his posts.
2. Then, check out the My Curriculum links for Algebra and Geometry on the right side for access to just about everything Dan does in his high school classes on a daily basis.

For those of us interested in learning more about Dan's "do less" philosophy of teaching, check out his TED talk entitled "Math class needs a makeover". It's truly inspirational.

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