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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Helping Educators Address Cyberbullying

The past several months have brought far too many stories of children, teens, and young adults who have been harassed and emotionally tortured by others using technology in ways that are, well, just WRONG. Unfortunately, several of these stories have ended in tragedy.

So, for the greater good, I want to share a new resource that has just been launched, Cure The Bullies. Cure The Bullies was developed by SchoolAid, a national Australian schools-based philanthropy network that empowers kids to help kids in crisis. Cure The Bullies "identifies and personifies the different types of cyberbullying behaviors, and in particular, bystander behavior, to raise awareness of this crucial issue, while encouraging open discussion among children and adults alike." It is intended to reach middle school aged children - before cyberbullying escalates. It provides kids self-assessment tools and offers a diagnosis for how to stop The Bullies.

Please check out the website and see what you think.

The essential question for educators is
How can we use tools like Cure The Bullies, in educational settings, to prevent cyberbullying?

What do YOU think?

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