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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Delta Math Data Days (PD) 2013-14

Data Days: Fall, Winter, and Spring
This one-day workshop will bring together Delta Math Implementation Teams to focus on analyzing your Delta Math screening data. We will identify your district's high priority math standards for each grade level and develop plans for addressing these needs.  We will deliberately connect these plans with your overall school improvement plan and continuous improvement process. This workshop will be repeated at mid-year (to monitor progress and adjust plans) and at year-end (to evaluate progress and develop next year’s plans).
Together, we will use your screener data to answer these questions

  • Where are our students struggling in math? With which content?
  • What are the HIGH PRIORITY readiness standards for math?
  • How can we strengthen our core math curriculum in response to our data?
  • What additional support is needed to prepare students for learning instruction?
  • Which students might benefit from Tier 3 intervention? Summer school?
  • How can we leverage our School Improvement Plan's math strategies and activities to respond to our data?
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